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It’s Time to Declare Open Season on the Neighborhood Pool

csdesigns Helpful Hints

A team effort is required to get your neighborhood pool open for business after the winter hiatus. We work closely with the pool company, management company and homeowners association to ensure that everything is clean and safe for opening day.

Pressure washing of the deck, followed by a deep scrub is often the first step. Next, we take special care to clean all the furniture – including side tables and umbrella stands.

Bathrooms and clubhouses are also due for extra attention. Cleaning the bathroom floors to make them sanitary and safe is a top priority. We use a specially created solution, designed to clean the floors, but not leave behind a residue. This is an important precaution our company takes, as we want to keep little feet free of nasty chemicals and present a non-slippery surface to minimize any risk of falling.

Beyond cleaning, we will also double check on things like handrails, ladders, diving boards, etc. to inspect them for wear and damage. Our staff is trained to make sure first aid supplies are well stocked and look for any obvious safety concerns. We provide a second set of eyes on the entire pool environment to ensure that all is well and ready for hours of summer enjoyment.

We believe that when it comes to the cleanliness and safety of the neighborhood kids and adults, there’s no such thing as too careful and too many sets of eyes.

csdesignsIt’s Time to Declare Open Season on the Neighborhood Pool