We May Be A Commercial Cleaning Company, But We’re Also Teachers.

Atlanta's Piedmont Park and SkylineHigh Rise Community Managers are often highly qualified to do their jobs, but not necessarily equipped to train the janitorial staff with cleaning practices, nor the manage the demands and cleaning complaints of tenants …but that’s where we come in.

As your consultant, we will come in and train everyone on the janitorial staff, and then outfit everyone with the proper equipment and supplies to ensure the staff not only knows what they are doing, but are equipped with the proper tools and supplies to get the job done.

We can also work closely with the staff and community manager to develop a schedule that takes everyone’s needs and preferences into account. We then can follow up with a time trial to monitor the plan and make any needed adjustments to work out any kinks.

Corporate Office Cleaning not only has the resources to be a leading janitorial services provider, but a top notch consultant in training others as well. We have the skill set to get the janitorial staff up and running flawlessly saving property managers frustration, time and money.

Please call us today and let us help you help them… become the efficient and professional crew that you can count on.